Because kids matter to God, they matter to us. We intentionally invest in the next generation by pouring our time, energy & resources into loving kids in our community, families & church no matter who they are or where they come from.


Belonging (Community)

We value a place of belonging where people can experience the Good News, in a community that is learning to live by it, & together become a living example of it. We value an atmosphere of love, acceptance & forgiveness that continually invites others to belong (no matter where you’ve been or who you are.


God’s Presence/Worship/Prayer

We value God’s presence. His presence is where he wants us to be; brings freedom; transforms our lives; & distinguishes his church from every other organization in the world.  So, we are committed to the pursuit of God’s presence. We will be a people that worship the Living God in response to his magnificent glory. We are a life giving church committed to bringing God glory by redeeming our culture & the world through his presence & power.

 Because we value God’s presence we place high priority on the Sacraments,the Word & community (the body) 

 We value persistent & aggressive prayer for the lost, families, the church, our community, & the world. We live in an amazing time where God is igniting more prayer among young people than ever before. We will knock on heaven’s door for this generation.



Lost people matter to God, so they matter to us. We will engage in God’s mission of redeeming the world. We are a church that changes our community & the world through the presence & power of God.

a church that invests in & engages our community, making it a better place to live because we are living out the Good News – everyone, everyday, everywhere we are.
a church that continually raise up & sends short & long term missionaries… If we give ourselves away we will not be able to contain the blessing.

Small Groups

We value biblically-functioning small groups that meet together regularly in our community, because life-change happens best thru relationships.  We are a church of Small Groups – making many the ministers instead of the few, building community & reaching the lost.


Raising Up Leaders    

We value identifying, developing & partnering with Christ-followers of all ages to work for God’s kingdom.  They serve with power, from their passion & gifting with the commitment to move people spiritually toward full devotion.


God’s Word